Class Ecliptic

  extended by cds.astro.Astroframe
      extended by cds.astro.Ecliptic
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public class Ecliptic
extends Astroframe

The ecliptic frame is defined such that the Sun has a latitude = 0. Since the obliquity of the Earth's axis is slightly changing with time, the relation between the Equatorial and Ecliptic frames vary with time. The J2000 value of the obliquity is in Hipparcos vol. 1, table 1.1.2 The fomulae used here refer to Earth Ephemeris VSOP 82/ELP 2000

Francois Ochsenbein (CDS)
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Field Summary
Fields inherited from class cds.astro.Astroframe
base_epoch, ed_lat, ed_lon, epoch, hms, ICRSmatrix, name, precision
Constructor Summary
          Instanciate an Ecliptic frame (at default J2000 equinox)
Ecliptic(double equinox)
          Instanciate an Ecliptic frame.
Method Summary
 double[][] toICRSmatrix()
          Defines the rotation matrix to rotate to ICRS
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Constructor Detail


public Ecliptic(double equinox)
Instanciate an Ecliptic frame. For non-standard default epoch, use setFrameEpoch() method.

equinox - the equinox of definition, in Julian Year.


public Ecliptic()
Instanciate an Ecliptic frame (at default J2000 equinox)

Method Detail


public double[][] toICRSmatrix()
Defines the rotation matrix to rotate to ICRS

Specified by:
toICRSmatrix in class Astroframe
the 3x3 rotation matrix to convert a position to ICRS frame

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