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Uses of Parsing in cds.astro

Methods in cds.astro with parameters of type Parsing
static double Astrocoo.getEpoch(Parsing txt)
          Interpret an epoch, eventually within ( ).
static boolean Astropos.parseErrorEllipse(Parsing txt, double[] ee3)
          Interpret an error ellipse written [ a b theta ].
static Astroframe Astrocoo.parseFrame(Parsing txt)
          Interpret a text representing a frame
 boolean Astrocoo.parsing(Parsing txt)
          Interpret the string and convert to Coo + Epoch.
 boolean Astropos.parsing(Parsing txt)
          Interpret the string and convert to Coo + Epoch.
 boolean Astrotime.parsing(Parsing t)
          Interpret a string for a time.
 boolean Coo.parsing(Parsing acoo)
          Interpret the string and convert to Coo.
 boolean Unit.parsing(Parsing t)
          Interpret a string for a value + Unit.

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