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Uses of MarkupComment in cds.savot.model

Subclasses of MarkupComment in cds.savot.model
 class Boundary
          For min and max
 class SavotAttribute
          Attribute element, used for other
 class SavotBinary
          Binary element
 class SavotCoosys
          Coosys element
 class SavotData
          Data element
 class SavotDefinitions
          Definitions element - removed in VOTable 1.1
 class SavotField
          Field element
 class SavotFieldRef
          Reference to Field element
 class SavotFits
          Fits element
 class SavotGroup
          Group element
 class SavotInfo
          Info element - deprecated since VOTable 1.1
 class SavotLink
          Link element
 class SavotMax
          For MAX element
 class SavotMin
          For MIN element
 class SavotOption
          Option element
 class SavotOther
          Other element
 class SavotParam
          Param element
 class SavotParamRef
          Reference to Param element
 class SavotResource
          Resource element
 class SavotStream
          Stream element
 class SavotTable
          Table element
 class SavotTableData
          TableData element
 class SavotTD
          A data (of a row)
 class SavotTR
          Row element
 class SavotValues
          Values element
 class SavotVOTable
          VOTable element

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