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Uses of SavotSet in cds.savot.model

Subclasses of SavotSet in cds.savot.model
 class AttributeSet
          Set of attributes, used for other
 class CoosysSet
          Description: Set of Coosys elements
 class DefinitionsSet
          Set of Definitions elements
 class DescriptionSet
          Set of Description elements
 class FieldRefSet
          Set of ref to Field elements
 class FieldSet
          Set of Field elements
 class GroupSet
          Set of Group elements
 class InfoSet
          Set of Info elements - deprecated since VOTable 1.1
 class LinkSet
          Set of Link elements
 class OptionSet
          Set of Option elements
 class OtherSet
          Set of other elements, used for other
 class ParamRefSet
          Set of ref to Param elements
 class ParamSet
          Set of Param elements
 class ResourceSet
          Set of Resource elements
 class TableSet
          Set of Table elements
 class TDSet
          Set of TD elements
 class TRSet
          Set of TR elements
 class ValuesSet
          Set of Values elements

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