Package cds.savot.model

Interface Summary
SimpleTypes This interface will be used to reduce the memory usage

Class Summary
AttributeSet Set of attributes, used for other
Boundary For min and max
CoosysSet Description: Set of Coosys elements
DefinitionsSet Set of Definitions elements
DescriptionSet Set of Description elements
FieldRefSet Set of ref to Field elements
FieldSet Set of Field elements
GroupSet Set of Group elements
InfoSet Set of Info elements - deprecated since VOTable 1.1
LinkSet Set of Link elements
MarkupComment Comments for XML output
OptionSet Set of Option elements
OtherSet Set of other elements, used for other
ParamRefSet Set of ref to Param elements
ParamSet Set of Param elements
ResourceSet Set of Resource elements
SavotAttribute Attribute element, used for other
SavotBinary Binary element
SavotCoosys Coosys element
SavotData Data element
SavotDefinitions Definitions element - removed in VOTable 1.1
SavotField Field element
SavotFieldRef Reference to Field element
SavotFits Fits element
SavotGroup Group element
SavotInfo Info element - deprecated since VOTable 1.1
SavotLink Link element
SavotMax For MAX element
SavotMin For MIN element
SavotOption Option element
SavotOther Other element
SavotParam Param element
SavotParamRef Reference to Param element
SavotResource Resource element
SavotSet Generic class for other set classes
SavotStream Stream element
SavotTable Table element
SavotTableData TableData element
SavotTD A data (of a row)
SavotTR Row element
SavotValues Values element
SavotVOTable VOTable element
TableSet Set of Table elements
TDSet Set of TD elements
TRSet Set of TR elements
ValuesSet Set of Values elements

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