Aladin sky atlas

For installing one of these dedicated Aladin versions,
download the jar file and launch it
via a java manual command line such as "java -jar AladinXXX.jar".

You can also use Web start method which will install Aladin for you.
Outreach version The Outreach version is a simplified version of Aladin dedicated for undergraduate students. The choice of the images and catalogues has been reduced in order to offer a selection of the most important data without embarrassing the user with too many alternatives or with too sophisticated data. Also the choice of functions activated directly with buttons and switches has been reduced to ease learning curve required by the sofware.
This developement has been done in the framework of the EuroVO AIDA project (2008-2010).

Web start: AladinOutreach.jnlp
Download: AladinOutreach.jar

Beta version
The beta version incorporates new features in test phase for the next official Aladin version.
The stability of these features is not totally guaranteed.

New features and performance improvements:

  • HiPS improvements : cube support, index.html, -hipsgen shape=circle|rectangle
Major fixed bugs:
  • Undesired deselection of tables generated by a MOC filtering
  • HiPS generation "." directory bug fixed

    Web start: AladinBeta.jnlp
    Download: AladinBeta.jar

Previous versions The CDS provides the previous Aladin official version.
Do not hesitate to use it in case of temporary bugs or compatibility problems.