Aladin for your data

Description Aladin can be used as an astronomical portal displaying images and data coming not only from the default Aladin servers but also from any astronomical http servers (by the script parameter).
This form will help you to generate the correct launching URL to start Aladin applet with your own data and images.

Follow the instructions and click on the GENERATE URL button. After that you will have to adjust the resulting URL according to your needs.

1) Select the nearest Aladin site Aladin at CDS (Strasbourg France)
Aladin at CADC (Victoria Canada)
Aladin at UKADC (Cambridge, UK)
Aladin at ADAC (ADAC, Tokyo)
Aladin at IUCAA (UCAA/Pune, India)
Aladin at CFA (Harvard USA)
2) Give URLs to access your images, catalogs or graphical overlays (*)
Url Plane name Origin mention
(*) Aladin recognizes automatically your data format amongst images in Fits (plain, MEF, gzipped or Hcompressed), JPEG, GIF and PNG; tables in Tab-Separated-Values, VOTable, FITS; graphical overlays in VOTable (for instance dedicated FoV); meta information in SIA (for SIA standards, there is no need to fill up the end of the form).
3) Choose additional overlays ?
An Aladin default image (DSS)
Simbad data base
NED data base
USNO2 from VizieR
GSC2.2 from VizieR
Another VizieR table :
Another VizieR table :
Predefined FoV :
4) Specific controls ? Zoom factor:
Reticle position: (object or J2000 coordinates)
Grid: on off
Scale: on off

→ Thanks to acknowledge Aladin Sky Atlas

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