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The Aladin plugins are java codes runnable by Aladin (more info...).

They were written by Aladin users, not by the Aladin team.
You can freely use them, However, these plugins are distributed as is without any guarantee.
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X-match probability

.Author(s):Pierre Fernique [CDS]
.Version: 2.0 - January 2007
.Category: Prototype
.Executable: ProbabiliteIdentification.jar

This plugin has been developped for Hight Energy Team demonstration

It determines a probability of a xmatch function.
1) The user does a xmatch between two catalogs
2) The user have to select the most dense catalog plane and launch the plugin. It will determine the local density of brighter stars around each xtamched objectand thus, computes the probability of this xmatch based on the function:
Proba = 1 - sigma*error*exp(-sigma*error)

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