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Packages that use RobotAction

Uses of RobotAction in cds.aladin

Fields in cds.aladin declared as RobotAction
 RobotAction[] TranslationScript.actions
static RobotAction RobotAction.ADJUSTPOS
static RobotAction RobotAction.INFO
static RobotAction RobotAction.PAUSE
static RobotAction RobotAction.PUSH
static RobotAction RobotAction.SELECT
static RobotAction RobotAction.TOFRONT
static RobotAction RobotAction.TYPE

Methods in cds.aladin that return RobotAction
 RobotAction RobotAction.getAction()
static RobotAction RobotAction.getActionFromString(java.lang.String s)

Methods in cds.aladin with parameters of type RobotAction
 void RobotAction.setAction(RobotAction action)
          Sets the action.

Constructors in cds.aladin with parameters of type RobotAction
RobotAction(RobotAction action, java.lang.String comp, java.lang.String optParam)
TranslationScript(java.lang.String cmdName, RobotAction[] actions)

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