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static XMatchResult[] LocalXMatch.xID(java.lang.String[] array1, java.lang.String[] array2)
          Perform cross-id, having 2 array of coordinates
static XMatchResult[] LocalXMatch.xMatch(double[][] array1, double[][] array2, boolean[] flag1, boolean[] flag2, double[] seuil, int fmtOut)
          Perform positionnal cross-match, having 2 arrays of coordinates
static XMatchResult[] LocalXMatch.xMatchEllipse(double[][] array1, double[][] array2, double[] maj1, double[] min1, double[] pa1, double[] maj2, double[] min2, double[] pa2, boolean[] flag1, boolean[] flag2, double[] seuil, int fmtOut)
          Positional cross match between two tables, taking into account the positional errors: 'pos1' and 'pos2', are arrays of respective length len1 and len2 We assume that pos1 and pos2 are ALREADY sorted in ascending dec seuil is given as n-sigmas limits fmtOut is the output: 1 = best match, 2 = all matches 4 = non-matches Returns: list of matches stored in 'result', and number of matches Major and minor axis in arcsec Position angle in degrees

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