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Aladin Desktop is the main application of the Aladin Sky Atlas suite. Developed in Java, Aladin Desktop is able to run on any configuration (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc) even on small machines (>64MB RAM). Aladin Desktop is free, distributed under GPL3 licence (see acknowledgement). Download it and install it according to your operating system. Several versions are provided: the official, the outreach version, the beta version, etc, and also some source packages. As any Java tool, Aladin Desktop requires a Java Virtual Machine on your machine.

Download Aladin.exe (size: 4.71MB) Windows
1) Download it on your desktop
2) That's all

Download Aladin.dmg (size: 5.69MB) Mac
1) Download it and open it
2) Copy in your application folder
3) Check your security configuration

Download Aladin.tar (size: 4.93MB) Linux
1) Download it and untar it
2) Use aladin shell launcher

Download aladin.jnlp WebStart (java installer)
1) Click on it
2) Follows the instructions...

Piece by piece:

The Outreach version is a simplified version of Aladin Desktop dedicated for undergraduate students. The choice of the images and catalogues has been reduced in order to offer a selection of the most important data without embarrassing the user with too many alternatives or with too sophisticated data. Also the choice of functions activated directly with buttons and switches has been reduced to ease learning curve required by the sofware. This developement has been done in the framework of the EuroVO AIDA project (2008-2010).

The beta version incorporates new features in test phase for the next official Aladin version. The stability of these features is not totally guaranteed. The beta version is regularly updated following the progress of the Aladin developement team.

New features and performance improvements:

  • Hipsgen native support for gzip, bzip2 and rice images (via cache disk)
  • Support for EPNTAP results (c1min,c2min,s_region)
  • Deprecated PLASTIC lib and dependencies removed
  • CDS X-match integration in the Directory tree
  • HiPS IVOA 1.0 standard compatibility (Aladin + Hipsgen + Hipsserverlint)
  • UTF-8 BOM support
  • Script command extension for CS, SIA (1&2), SSA
  • Additionnal colormaps: Red, Green and Blue
  • Dark theme user interface
  • Collection Registry tree (HiPS, CS, SIA, SSA, TAP,...)
  • Datalink, SODA and TAP supports
  • Simbad + VizieR pointer improvements
  • HiPS properties file direct support
  • Panel management improvement (JPane)
  • HiPS mirror sites management improvement
  • MOC perimeter drawing + set drawing=xxx script command
  • Fullscreen mode improvements (global menu)
  • New script commands (cmoc, ccat, )
  • MultiCCD FITS image support
  • Tags improvements
  • Probability sky map MOC extraction
  • Planetary HiPS (longitude inversion)
  • Hipsgen improvements: HiPS color multithread code, local MIRROR, APPEND, MAP
  • File dialog window multi-selections
  • Copy-able propertie links
Major fixed bugs:
  • Filter activation by script
  • Polarisation segment size normalized bug fixing
  • Phot tool clic&drag fix
  • Correction for VOTable UTF-16 STREAM bug
  • Correction for Hipsgen mirror filenotfound bug
  • MOC stack bug introduced in v9.039
  • Bug correction for BLANK wrong value in Hipsgen MAPTILES action
  • Bug correction for radians unit support for table coordinates
  • Bug correction for pmra and pmde detection
  • Bug correction for ZEA and ARC projection in HiPS context
  • Graphical object mouse selection over a HiPS
  • HiPS catalog "ghost" source selection
  • File dialog window directory selection on MacOs and Linux
  • HiPS RGB -f flag
  • GLU watchdog timer (sesame mirrors)
  • Blink initial delay
  • HiPS cache cleaning

    • AladinProto: promoted in AladinBeta (see above)
    • Aladin8.0.jar: The last official version
    • Aladin4.0.jar: The last AWT compatible version (no SWING library)

  • → Thanks to acknowledge Aladin Sky Atlas

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