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Aladin Desktop is the main application of the Aladin Sky Atlas suite. Developed in Java, Aladin Desktop is able to run on any configuration (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc) even on small machines (>128MB RAM). Aladin Desktop is free, distributed under GPL3 licence (see acknowledgement). Download it and install it according to your operating system. Several versions are provided: the official, the beta version, etc, and also some source packages. As any Java tool, Aladin Desktop requires a Java Virtual Machine on your machine.

Download Any Operating System (WebStart java installer)
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2) Follows the instructions...

The beta version incorporates new features in test phase for the next official Aladin version. The stability of these features is not totally guaranteed. The beta version is regularly updated following the progress of the Aladin developement team.

New features and performance improvements:

  • Dynamic HiPS support (ex: cat tiler)
  • MOC1.1 support (ASCII format)
  • VOTable1.4 support (TIMESYS)
  • Space Time Multi-Order-Coverage support
  • TAP JOIN and UPLOAD support
  • Space MOC extractions from any HiPS or HEALPix maps
  • Temporal support (prototype implementation)
    - Time plots
    - Time MOC
  • New CDS HEALPix library
    - polygonal photometry tool for HiPS - query by any region
  • Data discovery tree:
    - sort and hiearchy control
    - drag & drop to view panels
  • FITS WCS GLS support
  • Distance tool improvement
  • Coordinate calculator tool improvement
  • Log control adapted to Debian policy
  • Galactic, supergalactic, and ecliptic coordinate frame manual setting
  • HiPSgen LINT CDS specifical checking (parameter -cds)
  • HiPSgen improvements:
  • - UPDATE improvement (Norder 0-2)
  • - MIRROR multi-partitions support (option split)
  • - MIRROR network speed auto adaptation
  • - index.html HTTP/HTTPS compatibility
Major fixed bugs:
  • Hipsgen hips_status bug fixed
  • Hipsgen FITS tile 2880 boundary bug fixed
  • PNG tiles opacity bug fix
  • HEALPix new lib bug fix (introduced in v10.107)
  • Base64 Binary SHORT decoding error (bad casting)
  • Hipsgen mocorder param
  • VOTABLE BINARY variable array with upper limit
  • Reticle copy/paste (rounding bug)
  • Hipsgen BSCALE+specific skyvals use case bug
  • XMM EPN FoV better definition
  • Grid missing label bug fixing
  • Hipsgen multithread dead lock (multipass bug)
  • Grid stroke line adjustement (for very huge images in NOGUI mode)
  • Debian+GNOME context (Jtree, TextField, SwingInvokeLater...)
  • Hipsgen DETAILS action on MEF file (FoV bug)

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