Download Aladin standalone version

Description To run Aladin as an application, you will have to download and install the Aladin java code as it is explained below. Otherwise, to run the applet directly into a browser such as FireFox, Mozilla or Explorer, just use the URL:

Download official
Aladin v8.040
Windows: Download Aladin.exe (size: 4.27MB) 1) Download it on your desktop
2)That's all
Mac: Download Aladin.dmg (size: 5MB) 1) Download it and open it
2) Copy in your Application folder
3) See the end of this page about new Apple Java policy
Linux: Download Aladin.tar (size: 4.52MB) 1) Download it and untar it
2) Use Aladin shell launcher
Web Start:
(java installer)
Download aladin.jnlp 1) Click on it
2) Follows the instructions...
or Piece by piece:
Aladin.jar The software
Aladin Bourne shell script launcher (for Unix)
Manual.pdf (also in French) User manual
FAQ.html Frequently Asked Questions
AladinSrc.jar Source package (see GPL v3 licence)
Other Aladin
Outreach version
(or via Web Start AladinOutreach.jnlp)
Beta version v8.107
AladinBeta.jar (or via Web Start AladinBeta.jnlp)
also AladinBetaSrc.jar source package
Previous versions Aladin7.5.jar: last official
Aladin4.0.jar: last AWT GUI
Java security information These last years, some Operating System providers try to discredit Java arguing that Java is not enough secure. The unique potential risk concerns malicious java applet running without your agreement in a Web browser. But there is no more risk to run Java application than any other standalone program (exe, dmg...).
Unfortunately, it seems Mac OS X Mountain Lion now requires all java applications to be signed and registered with Apple. This is not the case for Aladin, at least not yet. As a workaround, you can temporarily set Allow applications downloaded from to Anywhere in the Security & Privacy preferences.
Copyright UDS/CNRS - Distributed under GNU General Public License v3 (since Aladin v7).
Contact copyright holder for any other usage