Uses of Class

Packages that use SavotResource

Uses of SavotResource in cds.aladin

Constructors in cds.aladin with parameters of type SavotResource
FootprintParser(SavotResource[] resources)

Uses of SavotResource in cds.savot.pull

Methods in cds.savot.pull that return SavotResource
 SavotResource SavotPullEngine.getNextResource()
          Get the next Resource (warning : SEQUENTIAL mode only)
 SavotResource SavotPullParser.getNextResource()
          Get the next Resource (sequential mode only)
 SavotResource SavotPullEngine.getResourceFromRef(java.lang.String ref)
          Search a RESOURCE corresponding to an ID ref
 SavotResource SavotPullParser.getResourceFromRef(java.lang.String ref)
          Search a RESOURCE corresponding to an ID ref
 SavotResource SavotPullEngine.parse(XmlPullParser parser, int parsingType)
          Parsing engine

Uses of SavotResource in cds.savot.writer

Methods in cds.savot.writer with parameters of type SavotResource
 void SavotWriter.writeResourceBegin(SavotResource resource)
          Write a RESOURCE begin

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